Care & Cleaning of your Jewelry


Keeping your jewelry clean is an important part of helping it last and continue to look like new even after years of enjoyment.

Safe Handling of Gemstones

Diamonds can handle nearly any method of cleaning. There are other stones like Emerald that can lose their color, and even crack if subject to too much heat. Or even worse, gemstones like Amber which is really fossilized tree sap can actually begin to melt if subjected to enough heat when trying to clean them. Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner is one of the best ways to clean your jewelry. Unfortunately it can also destroy your jewelry if it is not used properly. The most important thing is to make sure that the jewelry you are placing in your ultrasonic can handle the vibrations and the heat. Many gemstones will shatter, crack, and even simply vanish when placed in an ultrasonic. If at any time you are unsure what stone you are cleaning or if it is safe, take your jewelry to a qualified Jeweler to clean.

  • Arrange your jewelry pieces in a drawer or case so they don’t scratch each other
  • Do not wear your jewelry when doing rough work
  • Keep your jewelry out of chlorine and bleach
  • See your Jeweler at least one a year.

We will always clean and check your jewelry for free, anytime!

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